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… Imagine Art in your business environment
Welcome a new touch of esthetics in your working space
You will be amazed at the positive reaction of your clients, visitors and staff!
Our works of art can be displayed anywhere.


They will promote the image of the company, enhance the décor and improve the ambiance of:

  Offices, conference rooms, reception areas.

  Hotels, guesthouses, apartment buildings as well as smaller venues such as restaurants, cafes and tearooms

  Public spaces such as hospitals, clinics, nursing, doctor’s and dentist’s waiting rooms, convalescent and  residential homes


You have a desire for change? We can help you.
We are on hand to provide the highest quality original artprints
and offer you a personalized service at reasonable costs.

For your company gifts, at every special event of professional life, the delicacy, originality and exclusive character of our artprints will astonish your collaborators and clients and certainly please them.

You may contact us by mail, phone, fax:

Artextenso - Fine Art Editions
Hélène Papadoperakis
2 Bis, rue Boyer
06300 – NICE (France)

Tel  : +33 (0)951 67 91 42
Fax : +33 (0)956 67 91 42
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