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A few words about Artextenso...

Our company

Artextenso is the realization of a project by the artist, painter and engraver, Thomas Papadoperakis and his wife Helen. Thomas (Athens and Paris National Schools of Fine Arts) was frequently concerned by the problem of making his works of art accessible to a wider public audience. The engraving had its constraints and limitations, and for a long time the nature of his painting did not make it possible to consider any technique other than offset reproduction, which he occasionally did in the 1990s.

The advent of digital printing technology finally brought a solution which exactly suited the requirements of his work: a high fidelity to the work, supported by materials specifically conceived for art reproduction. It was necessary to await these new technological developments in order to appreciate all the possibilities on Thomas’s paintings. The artist did not live long enough to see his dream being carried out. Artextenso was conceived and established in order to realize his desire to make his work better known and to share it in an accessible, noble and attractive form.

Artextenso –Fine Art Editions- is an individual proprietorship, based in Nice, France and also accessible through an online-shop:

Our intentions

We wish

You to penetrate the universe of a major artist who was recognized and esteemed by his peers mainly in the Greek art world. You will discover a strong personality expressed through a mature and varied  body of work. Artextenso aims to give you a "passport" to Thomas Papadoperakis creations.

We offer you

  • the opportunity to acquire high quality digital prints at reasonable prices 
  • suggestions for personal presents and company gifts,
  • original and exclusive solutions for interior decoration, away from the beaten tracks of art and globalized production
  • an insight into the possibilities of art reproduction in the home, the work place and leisure-space…

Because fine art printing today is a real alternative to traditional etching and posters, we aim

  • to bring technology and expertise together in the creation of excellent fine art prints,
  • to provide artists with a fantastic opportunity to make their work available to a wide publlic,
  • to suggest you something different from the "unique" piece of art with an equal visual satisfaction.

Our choice

  • The works of art: Exclusivity of Artextenso.
  • Top-of-the-range art with affordable price: Artextenso offers high-quality digital fine art prints on art paper and canvas, stamped, numbered and signed. They are available in seven sizes. They are supplied as they are, leaving you free to choose the framing best suited to your individual environment.
  • Competence: Artextenso works with a photography studio, specializing in art reproduction, EPSON high-specification, equipment and materials. This workshop has the skills and equipment of the standard to meet the artists' requirements (artistic quality developed under the name Digigraphie ®).
  • Ecological properties: The media and pigment inks employed in the process are guaranteed friendly to the environment. Artextenso is an eco-responsible company and as such chooses partners who share this vision.
  • Satisfaction of our customers: We make every effort to ensure that we meet the needs of our customers and we take particular care in creating a warm personal relationship.

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