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Born in 1943 in Spilia, province of Heraklion, Crete. Died in 2002 in Nice, France.



At the age of 12, parallel to his scholarship at primary school, he starts learning the Byzantine Art techniques (Cretan School) at Stelios Kartakis’ studio and gets there his first lessons in drawing and painting. At the age of 16 he achieves Nikos KAZANTZAKIS’ bust which belongs today to the Kazantzakis museum.

ATHENS 1960-70

1961 – 1966: Athens National School of Fine Arts (ASKT) with professor George MAVROIDIS and Constantin

         GRAMMATOPOULOS. From that time he regularly meets with the famous Greek painter and intellectual

         Iannis TSAROUCHIS who, as a distinguished interlocutor, advises him and helps him in his inquiries about art.

1966: Degree in Painting and Engraving

1969: Degree in Scenography (professor Basile VASSILIADIS).

PARIS 1970-77

1976: Degree of the National School of Fine Arts (Ensba), with honors, having followed the Gustave SINGIER’studio.


SOLO EXHIBITIONS (most important ones)

1974: Athens, “ORA” gallery

1979: Athens, “CREONIDIS” gallery

1988: Heraklion, Crete, Basilica of St Marc, together with the Nikos KAZANTZAKIS Prize   

1989: Athens, “ΤΡΙΑ” gallery

1999: Thessalonica, “ARTFORUM” gallery

2001: Licovrissi, Attica, Municipal cultural centre, “Small retrospective”

2004: Athens, “ΈRSI“ gallery with Inge BAECKER (Cologna), at fair ART ΑΘΗΝΑ 2004 (honorary posthumous exhibition).


Numerous exhibitions in Greece and abroad, organized by the National Gallery of Athens, the Ministry of Culture and galleries.


France: ART JONCTION, Cannes, 1995, Nice :1998, 2000, 2001.

Greece: ART ΑΘΗΝΑ, Αthens, 1996 and 2004 (honorary posthumous exhibition).



1976: Special Award from the National School of Fine Arts of Paris (together with his Degree)

1988: “NICOS KAZANTZAKIS” Prize for Painting for his contribution to the arts, being honored by the Municipality of

          Heraklion, Crete

1995: Audience Prize for Painting at the International Fair of Contemporary Art, ART JONCTION, Cannes, France.


1995: “Objectivity in Painting”

1998: Notebook with four texts: “The only objective element in painting is visual harmony”, “I want to destroy my painting 

          through its own means”, “Chronos”, “The art of life”.

1999: “Manifest: The art of life” with prologue of Maurice ELΙE , professor in Esthetics at the Nice University

2001: “The art of Metaphorical Reasoning”.


Artist’s works of art are to be found at the National Gallery of Athens and in numerous private collections in Greece and abroad, as in the famous ELIE DE ROTHSCHILD’s collection in Paris and the Historial Museum of Crete at Heraklikon.

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